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Shadow Unknown…

Slowly and slowly I am fading away,
Gradually slipping further into unknown.
There will be nothing left very soon,
Will be only a shadow unknown.
Turning the pages over and over again,
My heart hardened with this pain..
This test is not easy, it took me time to see,
Everything what went between us ,
It was nothing but to tease me.
I bought all the crap you gave me,
I saw everything what you showed me,
But now I see so clear around me,
I walked with you wherever you took me,
Now I am standing where I was once alone,
Since you walked out of the door.
You will now move on with your life,
But living with this pain I have no life.
The love we had I feel was an illusion,
Living with cloudy dreams and false hopes,
Thanks for awakening me from my dream.
In the deadened still of the night.
The dreams are far from this body ,
And faded away gone so far out of sight…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag