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Tunnel Of Distance…

I wonder if anyone felt like me when all is gone,
The way I feel with broken heart,
And in pain you cannot carry on…
Your life seems to finish and you want to die,
The only way you find that your tears might dry.
God created this tunnel of distance,
At the end saw a light that would put a smile.
A gift from the heaven into my life,
An angel who changed my life with his love.
He became my destiny and rescued me out of despair,
It was a small heaven we lived like a loving pair.
Still wonder what did I find in him and what he did?
But sure it was a blessed vision we saw each other with,
Which no one else could see that special relation between us.
But now since he is gone leaving me in this darkness again,
I am now struggling once again to find that light gone.
Again confused, alone and so dead is my life,
The only I have now is my knife…
The pain and sorrow have come back again,
And I only wish now one thing not to see a new tomorrow…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag