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But Still…

I see no path, I see no light,
But Still…
Have no hopes, and desires,
But Still…
I am walking bringing you,
From my thoughts…
From your world,
To my world of false hopes.
We may be far,
But Still…
We may not be together,
But Still…
You are hear, our love is here,
And feel God is here..
I am walking,
Have no idea of my destination,
But have faith and desire,
To be on my land one day,
My own place some day.
Along with your thoughts,
Far from your promises,
Away from you,
But Still…
You are here, our love is here,
And I feel God is here.
I hear your whisper in my ears,
A very faint sweet desire.
These valleys talk to me,
Breeze Inhaling,
The fragrances of flowers,
Is walking with me,
She is bringing me to,
The gardens on top of the mountains.
In my thoughts somewhere,
In the promises we made,
You are not here.
But Still…
In my thoughts,
You are hear, our love is here,
And feel God is here…


© 2012 Pimmi Nag