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Setting My Course…

Lost I was at sea…
Trying to find my course.
The ship got wrecked,
From the bad weather.
Trying to mend the wreckage,
Still I had hope to move further.
In search of the key to happiness,
The riches of the life marching.
Joy and happiness were my past,
Sadness looks like in the present to last,
My future was all wrapped in the darkness.
One day the key tossed from my pocket,
In between my tired sore feet…
I rose from my own ashes and stood up,
Guarding my sails I set my route again,
In the direction of sun I set my course,
To let light guard my journey ahead.
To be a success and to soar to the skies,
With the key of success get ready,
For this world to be my best…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag