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A Message From Heart…

If you really believe in me,
My words coming from my mouth,
Carries a message a story within.
I believe in God’s grace and glory,
Will carry the right message my each story.
A vehicle of promise speaking of true love,
Explaining the love of our Father above.
But I see some ride on a vehicle of destruction,
Speak of selfishness, and speak of hate.
They walk so alone in this journey of life,
Carrying with them an inevitable damnable fate.
God blessed all of us a tongue holding an awesome power,
That suppose to de-weed and save beautiful flowers.
We should stand strong and in fate should believe,
Trust in God and no doubts to weave.
We do not need a wish bone but a back bone,
A promise to our self a promise for God written on stone.
So my sweetheart think of what vehicle you will be driving?
And what final destination you think you would be arriving?


© 2011 Pimmi Nag