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I Am Wounded Again…

I no longer believe,
I no longer trust..
I fall down each time,
He has to be harsh with me,
Yes he has to, It is a must!
My soul got hurt time and again,
My heart bleeds to give me pain.
My scars have weakened my faith,
My highlights was deceiving paintings,
I just discovered it too late.
But yet a thing called hope,
Refuses to let me go,
I hear the whispers that say:
You have got to believe in love.

Another sword pierced my heart,
I am wounded again.
My heart cries out loud,
Leaving me in pain.
The reality yells out loud..
What were you thinking Pimmi?
How many times will it take…
For you to know there is no love,
A relation that you are looking for,
A true love that you are seeking from far.
A bond of you and me???
How many falls will it take?
To understand you’re not much worth,
It’s been proven again and again..

God gave you patience,
Blessed  you with a heart of gold.
You love him so much,
In your heart nothing you could hold.
You have all the time to groom him,
You have all the love to share with him.
He means a lot to you,
But he asked you who are u?
You cannot coach him,
Nothing you can do.
For he sees nothing beyond himself,
Cannot picture your love true.
He will keep breaking your heart,
But can only say SORRY when he part…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag