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Your Mind The Voice Of Your Soul…

Only one safe place we can go to you know,
Is your subconscious mind…
To get answers to all you need to know.
A peaceful and relaxing place of retreat,
It is a heavenly place non other can beat.
A place where you get to know yourself,
A place you will fall in love with ever.
You can cast off the shell of darkness,
To get wisdom and light to clean your mess.
Your just have to go deep in search of light,
A place that causes no alarm, no fears and fights.
A place where you will find your creator,
His light displaying your answers so clear.
You will know the reason why you came to earth,
A lot meaningful life He created by your birth.
Your true self growing with His other creations,
Your little mind hold a lot and voice your soul…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag