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Sumo On My Chest…

Walking in the dark with Sumo on my chest,
God gifted me with a friend which was the best.
Her love came to me as patches in my life,
Each mend my sorrows and fears into delight.
I took her as for granted every time I come to her,
Like a good friends she would make me comfortable.
My love grew for her and feared in life to lose her,
Could not bear anyone talk to her other than me.
My distance between her made me more frustrated.
The more I miss her the more I fought with her instead.
Frequent fights made her weak to bear my harsh frustrations.
She stepped back thinking it was a bad phase would pass slowly.
A journey from a young boy he grew up into a young man,
A desire to fly free and soar to the mighty golden sun…


© 2012 Pimmi Nag