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Fragrance Of Mercy…

I never knew when I was last surrounded with friends,
Alone from childhood till now alone my life ends.
I see others have family and friends but I have non,
Gathering courage tried to be friendly with some but was shun.
The spring is for all the same but for me non,
The flowers bloom for others but for me non.
Stormy life and depth of pain I saw till now,
Not even a drop of rain with love the clouds bow.
The sun rolled all around the sky with warmth.
But in my share I never was blessed one,
Just dreams and hopes all night I spun.
The lightening shook me one day,
The thunder surprised me in its own way.
I closed my eyes to smell the fragrance of mercy,
A soft touch on my face, and a drop fell on my cheeks.
That was a tear fell from her deep black eyes,
A shower of love and mercy from the skies.
Never in my life I saw such a glory from so close,
The twinkling eyes, her glowing rosy cheeks like a spring rose.
She kissed me on my forehead ” you were the one I was looking for,
The only one whose heart is of gold, and the soul so pure.”



© 2012 Pimmi Nag