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My Desire and My True Love…

I lived my life so meaningless till I had you two.
I bloomed again with your love so honest and true.
I love you brought me made me a whole new person,
In you I see you my loving daughter and my loving son.
It is up to you to make me your friend and love till the end,
Because this bond full of love will never ever before anyone bend.
It is a gift from heaven above, three different people that we are,
All very different yet the relation is so meaningful are together we are.
In someway may be all three we were unhappy of our painful past,
But now the Almighty bind us in a relationship to  live long and ever last.
We may have our own obstacles and problems in our way,
But always we are going to stick come what may.
I pray for my desire and my true love,
To keep us together Oh ! Lord mighty above…



© 2012 Pimmi Nag