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The Beauty Of A Poem…

The beauty of a poem is…
When it can make you paint  without holding a brush in your hands.
Can make you listen to the music without any instruments or a band.
It can bring you to a garden of roses and humming birds  to hear.
It can make you smell flowers which you had not smelled in years.
Can make you feel the pain of others without bearing one on you.
Can make you see the nature without taking a journey through.
Can fill your eyes with tears without even going through any sorrow.
Can take you boldly in the dreamland where you dare not go alone.
And can make you sit on a cloud even though you are afraid of a plane.
Cam make you fall in love so passionately without seeing anyone.
Can make to taste someone’s lips and tongue without touching someone.
It is a composition of few words woven very carefully,
To flow your emotions without letting you know, so beautifully…


© 2012 Pimmi Nag