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Wedding In A Black Gown…

I met him in the hospital in a cancer ward,
A person so nice and good at heart.
It could be when you see the death so close,
You love yourself and appreciate things you hold.
A place where all your dreams you cannot hold,
Thinking soon your body will go cold.
He held my hand, looking into my eyes and asked me out,
For a second I didn’t understand what he was talking about.
Even though we are waiting here for our time to go,
He whispered in my ears…
He can love and can make my dreams live like so,
He can marry me and can be my friends till the time to go.
I had tears flow from my eyes,
Never had I heard such promising words in my life.
It would be a unique wedding of blue,
No colors and no shades and hues.
I couldn’t think of me in a white wedding gown,
Maybe it was right to choose a black wedding gown…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag