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Ocean Of Love…

All the heavens are with me,
When I have your hand holding me.
If you are with me,
I do not care for anyone else.
Leaving all the things worldly,
I can walk with you boldly.
I do not care for the world,
I just want to melt in your hold.
If my breath can make a place in your heart,
In love can be in your arms till I part.
My lips want to be as close as your breath,
Like the music notes are close to any instrument.
I want to be as close to you,
As your dreams are close to your eyes in you.
My heart is full of love like an ocean,
I want you to get drown with in.
Like the moon in the sky is close to the night,
I want to be close to you in your eyes as your sight,
I want to be as close to you,
As the waves of the ocean blue…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag