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Earth A Blessing…

We would not be living ,
Without this Garden Of Eden…
Wonderful God’s creations,
Like dinosaurs would be in extinction.mountains
Blessed are we with His wonder,
Mother’s soothing words sound like thunder.
Running waters in rivers and streams,
A flow of blood in us is an extreme.
The mighty mountains and the hills,
Remind us of our knowledge and skills
Gentle fall of rain tells us spring is here,
Warm sun tells us I do care,
The cold winter teaches us to chill,
In the worse period of life in a fall.
Air is full of songs the birds bring,
Howling wolves  and haunting whales sing.
flowers , and blossom’s different aromas,
Sky full of sun, stars,moon, planets and their coronas.
All the goodness we are blessed by birth,
It is His grace and Blessings we were given this Earth…


© 2012 Pimmi Nag