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How I Felt…

Going through the memories ,
I am thinking …
How I use to support you when you were blue.
How when no one loved you I loved you true.
How I felt pain when I saw you hurt.
How I saved you when someone came to flirt.
How I felt like crying when you were sad.
How I dealt with you when people made you mad
How I felt when you could not sleep with pain.
How I felt when you wanted to hear me,
And you made someone walk in the rain.
How I prayed for your life when you took pills.
I felt you are the greatest gift from God to me,
But I will not be there this time when you need me.
God only gave me so many breaths to breathe…
Our all relations are gone, nothing to spare,
Remember me in your heart if you ever once cared,
I will come in your dreams, yes I will always be there…


© 2012 Pimmi Nag