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Met Our First Love…

I use to wonder…
How do people fall in love?
What do the lovers do?
How can they stay far?
It was not possible I use to think…
I got an answer fast to all my questions…
He send you to me to let you in my soul,
I had to open the door which was so far closed.
I struggled and fought with my feelings all the time,
Avoided to face you, hide myself so you could not read my mind.
I lost the focus during my days and stayed awake nights.
Things were not the same, I knew something is not right.
Felt the sweet pain which brought me closer to you,
Always waited for you to talk to you…
Wanted to tell you everything, but scared within to talk,
At last one day decide finally with you to go for a walk.
Our heavy steps broke the silence around us,
Heard our own heart beat, I guess we both were in a rush.
I gathered the courage to explain how I felt.
You were in the same situation , kept thinking but never dealt.
It became so easy after that and our loyalty was paid,
Between us a new relation’s foundation was laid…
Heaven blessed us with rain from above,
Today is the day for us, we both met our first love…


© 2012 Pimmi Nag