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I Heard The Spring…

I heard a silent whisper of Spring,
When it landed with a transport.
A means to fulfill my desires,
To lift my wings to reach the star dust…
Even the earth is happy I see,
The buried seeds blossom like my needs.
I see the spring in the dancing streams,
Singing life must go on it is a dream.
I see the sky wash its color in the sea,
Assuring to walk together, with the color as deep it can be.
I see the tracks in the wilderness in the desert,
Followed by the trail of a snail in the dew on the grass.
The melody of the rain is forever and forever,
The fragrance hides in the flower like its treasure.
This is an unbreakable chain of the nature,
The life we give to the beauty it returns in our care…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag