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Day After Day…

I was trapped like a prisoner by the time wall,
Kept running round and round without any fall.
Never looked back, left all behind,
Climbed the mountains with struggle,
The one of its own kind.
The heart was now getting cold,
As the passage made me old.
There was time when I could serve a meal hot,
But now weaker as I am cannot move from the cot.
My hopes still did not die,
Always I tried to read, keeping me alive.
The hands have become shaky now to hold a book,
Now always look forward who can sit by me and read me a book.
My all days are the same, days and nights all in pain,
Good days are very rare when any visitor came.
No one loves me now as they have no time in a day,
Now life is waiting here for what? Day after Day…


© 2012 Pimmi Nag