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Life Without You…

Last night was a very quiet…
I was in blanket tucked tight,
A chill in the air woke me middle of the night.
As good as the room was…
It was dark and silent within me,
A deep sigh and a cry from my heart to be.
Something was not right somewhere,
Otherwise I would not get a shiver here.
I whispered hello in the air,
My voice was lost as if no one was there.
My heart heard me loud and clear,
My desire to be with him there.
I opened the albums to find him there,
I got a call in my ears…Look I am here.
Trembling with emotions being rot,
Wanted to kill them on the spot.
From him would not like to stay away a day
If that is so I pray to God to take me away…
© 2012 Pimmi Nag