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First Love…

I took it out on me every time I was hurt,
When my hopes were gone…
Why did s seedling of love sprout?
I kept it within not letting it out,
A voice said deep inside me I should talk about.
It was the love you felt too in your heart,
A new fragrances of series of flowers started.
We all heard were the birds singing the love songs,
In spite of the differences, in each other’s hearts we belong.
Trust was all I had at a distance and hope was all I got,
But suddenly then why was I hurt and the trust was lost?
A mind so shaky and restless as you were by nature,
It did not take you long to set your eyes on another teenager.
Love could be for you an act of exploration in life,
But believe me it just happens once in a life time.
The first love one can never forget as whole,
Somewhere it does get awaken sleeping inside your soul.
Too late it gets when you realize you want it back always,
It pinches your soul every now and then as that place it always stays…


2012 © Pimmi Nag