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Heart Ache…

I am a picture of heart ache and a pain to be,
No one can heal the wounds of me.
You may pass by, come to wipe my tears,
May pray for me, my soul can still hear.
I am lost in the dark, away from this light,
Full of sorrow was that dark night.
A new life was begun and left alone,
An unfinished and unread story to mourn.
A chain of breath was broken like a necklace,
Lost was the symbol of beauty, love, care and grace.
Things were destined to happen like so,
Fate is something no one can hold.
Everyone is holding to an envelope in their hand,
The destination to the grave and mingle in sand.
If ever you happen to think of me,
I am happy to see you remember me.
This face which went into thick dark clouds and hide,
God gave her a new face to be always by your side…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag