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This Is Mother Nature…

High waves,dark clouds
Strong winds and rain..
Left so many in pain.
I pray to Almighty
Thinking of blue skies
Trapped in deep…
Will I be ever found?
Flooded streets and roads
My head sticking out of the loads,
I feel so alone here..
Can someone find me?
Will I ever be with my family.
Have been drowning in my tears,
Strong winds pound on my shores
I know not …
For I’ve cried for days
And now I cry no more..
This is Mother nature,
It’s love so pure..
Maybe she has some good in store
This bridge from heart to heart
Collapsed, shredded everyone
In tears, in despair..
I know it won’t last forever
As in my tears I still have …
No fear, but a hope…
To see the blue sky again..
And would never feel..
This pain again…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag