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The Symphony In The Air….

Sitting by the river,
I hear the ripples.
If only the stone could hear,
The symphony that plays in my ears.
But stone is a stone…
Hopes are building stronger,
Like the sails all set,
Across the waters of success.
In thoughts my soul,
Adrift in a harbor of emptiness.
The cool breeze is there,
But still vacuum everywhere.
As every lonely note,
Drown in a sea of stone.
So sitting here alone…
In my solitude,
I hear my muted melody
Subtle harmonies
Beneath humming deeds unfinished
Did not give up still,
Have a desire, a passion,
To create my own ways…
Will be sailing one day
In my own boat, set sails
In the waters of success…


© 2012 Pimmi Nag