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But Cannot Be Seen…

This body will turn into ashes
But the soul set once will shine
You come to me putting body to ashes,
And purifying your soul…
Lets make a picture together…
In which you and me,
Are there somewhere
But cannot be seen…
Then after thousands of years…
When time would dig,
Then they will find this picture
Hanging on the wall.
The ruins of the time.
Never ever seen such a picture before.
Come let us make a picture of us…
In which we are not seen together
But our souls are one…
walking in life together,
Like two shores of the river,
Felt each other ,
Touched each other,
The flow of passion in the water.
Ended in the ocean of infinity.
Come let us make a picture of us.
In which we exist like,
Not two bodies but one soul…


2012 © Pimmi Nag