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Clinging to life…

My eyes are still waiting for you.
My sinking breath,
And my million tears.
Locked in a cage of thoughts,
Filled with fears.
I go to places we were together,
I look for you everywhere.
Lost on those paths,
Giving up on my hopes,
I made a grave of my love there.
I still remember the first day,
Just looked at you and couldn’t say.
How much I love you till today.
I still feel you control my heart,
From the day we two part.
The love for whom we left this world,
The love now wounded lives in despair.
I do not believe but still feel today
That in my search, I’ll find you some day.
I have taken lots of wounds on my soul,
And my heart still cry for you today.
Can someone tell me…
What is Life ?
How to live?
When your own shadow leaves you like this…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag