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My Mama…

This world is new to me,
Every day and every night.
So much to see,
So much to learn Mama…
I cry in pain here,
I cry when you’re not there.
Your one warm touch,
Makes me feel I’m in heaven.
Keep me close to you,
As I get scared without you Mama…
I don’t tell you…
I am afraid of thunder,
I am afraid of dark Mama…
I do not tell you and,
I do not show you
But I care for you Mama…
Never leave me alone,
I am scared of the crowd,
I may get lost somewhere there,
And may not find my way, Mama…
Dad loves me too, but not like you.
I don’t listen to you,
I am a bad boy sometimes…,
But I know you still love me my Mama…
My eyes search for you,
That you will come and hug me.
We will be together some day,
And enjoy every moment,
In all possible way,
I have lots of things un said,
Which I like to say.
I love you my Mama…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag