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By God’s Grace…

I remember it was the month of April
I saw you with Angels wings,
Came to me, with a tender smile.
Your precious face, by God’s grace.
You looked at me, and I looked at you,
Something we found was still due.
An invisible cord, not seen by anyone.
It is not the cord by birth,
But a cord bonded on this earth.
More stronger cord ever,
Anyone can ever create.
It became stronger each day,
Got attached to my heart in a way.
The world was harsh and cruel,
You were happy and full of life,
But the world found it unreal.
Broke your heart, made you cry,
Your bleeding heart and soul,
Was not seen by any eye.
You wanted to go far away from me,
But we are still tied with the cord,
That no one can ever see.
I am crippled, my heart tore,
I got bruised and I am all sore.
I am blessed God created this bond,
Connected us so close is this cord.
Got closer day by day,
A mother and child bond,
Not even death can take away.
You will live within me,
You are my silent voice,
I hear you even from far.
Look around you, feel me,
I am never too far.
Will always love you till eternity…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag