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A Rose…

A Rose full of everlasting love has a lot to say,
Looking at all the colors I am thinking this today.
Wishing us happiness and all the best everyday,
Good time or bad time, a true friend in every way.
To a lover it says all without a word of love,
Will be there for each other for the years to come.
Will you be my Valentine today?
It says all in a beautiful way.
Mom I love you so much for being there for me,
A Rose promises this love to share for all times to be.
How can a mom forget her child’s graduation?
Looking for a gift, Rose has been always a temptation.
Times moves on and a young boy walks towards a success,
Mom wishes all the best holding a Rose with love to express.
A day of pride comes when the wedding bells are here,
A shower of Roses scatter the fragrances to cheers.
A new life begins on the bed of Roses,
Times goes on and everything withers except Roses.
It can still hear the beat of one’s heart,
A Rose can bring fragrance to a soul,
When death tears the two lovers apart.
A Rose can give hopes to a widowed wife,
A Rose can bring a spark to a hopeless life.
A Rose becomes a memory to a restless soul,
With its love and fragrance it makes you whole…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag