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The Shadow Of You…

My heart kept hearing,
What you never said.
Without any reason,
I kept day dreaming.
There is left no place,
For us in this world.
We just got jinxed…
We kept walking in love,
And kept on dreaming .
My heart is filled with pain,
Promised  myself…
Will never dream again.
My eyes became dim,
I was left speechless,
To love was it a sin?
My lips are dry and tremble,
Was it love or just gamble?
My heart lost its voice.
It is a journey unknown,|
My feet I look…
They are not my own.
Felt so light…
Walking with you.
Kept forgetting each time.
And kept coming close to you.
There is no place to hide in the day,
Full of fog and I lie bare…
For now have no one to care.
The night falls…camouflages,
I cry and no one can see,
The shadow of you,
It’s true, once was me…
Never touched you…
Cannot see you today.
Memories turned into smoke,
Burning my eyes today…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag