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There are some who envy people with jewels,
Wealth, expensive things, clothes and cars,
Some  hide their heart full of sorrow and scars.
They envy their neighbors and loved ones,
Worse is when they envy their own daughter and son.
Wonder why the fangs of this venom and poison,
Is do deep injected in their veins ???
They envy people who have homes,
They have love and joy in their lives,
Their heart is contented felt never alone.
I feel sorry for people who envy…
They are alone more alone in side,
They have anger, pain and despair to hide.
In this battle they have lost everything,
Seems they are not left with anything to cling.
But they have to snap out of it now,
If they want to dream and be with the world to sing.
Because only love and care and love and care,
Can make them feel they are also loved and share…
Share… Laughs, happiness, joy , companionship,
The joy and warmth of all relationships.
Only Love and Share can de-toxin your veins,
Will make you feel better with no more pains…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag