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Depth Of Solitude… 

In the depth of the solitude,
When the sun goes down.
You don’t feel any breeze,
Not a thing moves in the town.
How can I carry on?
My heart is torn,
The tears roll down my cheeks.
Even they are bitter and warm,
No soul near me to make me calm.
Even though I didn’t do them any harm.
I see no ears whom can whisper my pain,
Time goes by and no one can tame.
But suddenly a big thunder I hear,
The rain join me in my sorrows to share.
I wiped the last tears from my eyes,
God is always there and hear my cries.
My heart had turned into a rock,
A rose blossomed from the crack.
A rose blossomed from the crack…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag