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Dead Lantern…

You have opened a window,
Which never ever was opened.
A streak of light in this house.
Fell on the dark walls…
Penetrating the dead muscle…
My Heart starting flushing,
Once again the dead lantern glow.
The divine love into my veins,
I started breathing again.
Emotion, Dreams and love,
Feelings of unchained devotion,
Never felt in my body such a commotion.
Together we sailed to the island,
Far from the deep blue sea.
You filled a void in my heart,
How to live life showed me this art.
My days are so sunny and bright,
A vision of tomorrow, shown me the light.
The path so clear, gave me my sight.
In this house with walls glowing with light
Our love will always burn bright…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag