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Apple Of Your Eye…

In my dreams I flew up in the sky,
So high to reach the stars and,
Chose the most sparkling stars,
For your deep beautiful eyes.
So much my heart like to say,
To express my love I find no way.
Like to peep through these windows,
Where all the emotions grow.
They speak the truth with no words,
Lots of things unsaid can be heard.
It is a book that nobody read,
Chapter after chapter story untold,
Like to sit in your cozy heart and,
Flip page by page and read,
Different stories unfold…
There is pain hidden in every line,
It pierces the heart of mine.
Close your lashes and go to sleep,
Lock me in here , hide me from the world,
Your eyes are deep and heart of gold.
Like to live here forever, your love so enduring,
This is the only place where I can love and sing.
Leaving the whole world behind me,
An Apple of your eye ! I want to be…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag