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The Warmth Against My Breast…

My baby in my lap looks like the moon.
I get his warmth against my breast,
It is so quiet and calm in the room,
My world is my baby and don’t care for the rest.
Looking at the moon I sit here with him to feed,
All the love and nutrients that he would need.
Want him to grow one day nice and strong,
Learn the ways of life and doesn’t do a thing wrong.
His life is a beautiful book with a nice cover,
Like to write lines to guide, but wants him to discover.
How to choose right from wrong he has to learn,
Working hard, honestly he has to earn.
It is my dream to wish him myriad of things,
Not gold, silver or a fancy diamond ring.
Want to wish him after finishing playing with toys,
He learns to find himself the treasure of joy.
He makes me happy and brings me this pride,
He is my son and his mama will always be by his side…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag