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My Son, My Sugar…

My son, sugar, my little prince
Came from  Heaven and  love you since
Tied with a silky ribbon of love
And marked…” handle with care “
Blessed with a golden heart to share.
To my world you brought happiness and joy,
Brought mom pride, my cute little boy.
Love you from so far, I never knew I could,
Would do anything for you. Yes I would.
Want to talk to you and hold you,
But time scrambles and fast you go…
Cannot be selfish and things don’t turn my way,
It is a wishful desire to talk to you every minute of the day.
Cannot see anyone hurting your small golden heart,
Want to talk to you, open my heart, but how to start?
Lots of things are fed in your ears which are not true
Want you to be smart to know what is true and right,
The world is so mean, it is our life and we have to fight..
You have to be strong my son to choose wrong from right.
I am your mom, try my best  to make you strong my son,
It is you who can make a difference in your life.
You are the only one, sugar, you are the only one…
The world see our love till the horizon,
But my eyes can see our love far beyond the horizon,
It’s only you and your golden heart,
Which can feel the true, divine love my son.
You are the only one, sugar, you are the only one…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag