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Magic Potion…

The moments shared with you are so special to me,
It plays like a drama in front of my eyes I would see.
These moments cannot be replaced I know that’s true,
I do not want you to go as I always want to be with you.
You are the only one I want to cherish my life till the end,
I have no doubts I know you are a gift of God to me He sent.
You are my courage and your love in my heart makes a flame ignite,
All the moments together I want to love, adore you and never fight.
Waiting for the day that you are by my side I then will feel so strong,
And I know you will always stop me from doing anything wrong.
You have made my life so sweet in so many different ways,
Will love you unconditional with deep feelings as the ocean,
Our life together will be happy loving each other drinking this magic potion…

® 2012 Pimmi Nag