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First Kiss…

I remember the day cool breeze and sky full of stars,
Beautiful fragrance and my world lied in your arms.
Felt so warm, cozy, protected and enveloped in love,
Would have stayed there, in this heaven and one above.
Every nerve filled with warmth, happiness and a sweet ache,
Felt waves rising from my frozen toes gushing towards my face.
My heart bound in a cage leaped toward you pounded so loud,
Never felt the rain pouring on me, heard the thunder and saw a cloud.
My body went numb and cold when you tasted my lips,
I could feel my defenses collapsed and I was helpless.
I breathe so heavy and surrender myself, found myself weakest of all,
Was so empty inside, my soul set  on fire I melted like a snow ball.
Trapped in a ball of fire and your love overflowed my soul,
But why my body went numb and cold when you tasted my lips,
You pulled me so close and my body yearned for more,
Surrendered to you , yearning for more and more,
There is nothing like the first kiss from my amour…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag