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Kaleidoscope of Life…

Till today I am still confused as to find out,
What is life?
Is it a pain, relief, fear, joy, happiness or terror?
In my mind if I close my eyes,
I see bits and pieces of broken glasses,
Looking through this Kaleidoscope of life,
I am confused…
Every minute life is changing,
I gather courage but another minute I’m losing.
There was a time when I would dance and sing.
I am the same person although,
The world around me is changing.
For me things are sometimes upside down,
I try to hide my face inside my room,
And don’t want the world see me as a clown.
I am lost my dreams are shattered in these colored pieces.
I play with this Kaleidoscope moving around to find,
If some thing is left unbroken, if something I can salvage,
My broken dreams, trapped in between these broken pieces…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag