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Timeless Wait…

It is sunshine and a beautiful day outside,
Inside are faded memories and tears to hide.
There was once a beautiful home to stay,
Without any help could walk and find her way.
It was small , cozy house she once lived in,
Her world changed so fast never realized,
Was  left here alone as if she made a sin.
But now for her all the roads lead here,
They think it is the best place for her to stay,
She would be better here and will get best care.
She survived the weather cold and rain,
Drag her feet on the sidewalk with a cane,
Would not complain anyone for her pain.
Sitting here she now knows she is dry,
No one see her pain and hear her cry .
She hears the laughter, giggling and joy,
The kids playing and cry for their toy.
Looking up in the sky she still has hopes,
The door will open some day she is assured,
She needs love, family and she is all cured…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag