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Tall Lighthouse…

I am standing on this rock like a tower.
Have felt gusty winds and ruthless sea,
Managed to stand as sturdy as I can be.
Have a soft heart and shines as beacon,
It could be moon light or the torturing sun.
Lots of boats and mighty ships passed,
No one stopped by, and no questions asked.
Loved some of them but couldn’t ask,
Would love them from far…
But to approach them was a difficult task.
The waves played the music day and night,
Listened alone no one by lighthouse light.
I would sing alone for you my dear,
As no ship can come close to me and hear.
What  a plight!!! The way it has to be,
Lonely as ever and silent as ever…
I have to be, I have to be…


© 2012 Pimmi Nag