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The Flame Of Love…

I do not know what my heart is looking for?
What do you want from me? My life…
There are so many roads to follow,
The journey seems to be very long.
My eyes are looking for someone,
Don’t know which road to follow.
The face I see every day is my dreams,
He is not close but still he is mine.
He is so much embedded in me,
Like the flowing water touches the shore.
Where can I find him ever, Oh road!
Help me to go the right way,
To find him where he board.
My heart is like an empty temple,
Nothing in there to worship.
It is like a mirror I look at,
There is no face I can see.
There should be some purpose to live,
A garden full of flowers, some fragrance to give.
The flame of love within me,
Whom should I give it to before it dies?
I do not see anyone till far,
Whom should I offer my love…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag