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Some feelings are exposed and some composed.
It doesn’t matter to me how everybody takes it.
I like to express my hidden feelings as they are meant to be,
Without wondering how people judge me or those who love me.
The only one who is part of me, my soul, my heart is my laugh,
Cry with me to comfort me and laugh with me like my better half.
Your laugh keeps me company through good days and bad days,
Be my shadow in bad times, sick time, happy days, in all the ways.
You just have to peep deep into my eyes ,
Where sometimes you will feel laughter lies.
They are full of pain, regrets, sorrow and hate,
Couldn’t hide them all in my eyes till this date.
To find me, you have to see through this misty door,
I cover them with a sheet, so no one can see anymore.
The day you can see through this covered sheet,
I’ll find a shoulder to cry, a true friend I will meet.
Together we will laugh and giggle so loud,
To create a music and a beautiful sound…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag