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Wish You Well…

We are broken, we are no more,
But you love, I never learned to keep the scores
I still laugh, I still have a fake smile,
With a wrecked and sore heart.
Sometimes with teary eyes,
They all see me. but non can tell.
Whatever happened, I wish you well.
You took me as a best friend,
You took me as someone to confine.
Though I never showed the world,
I wanted you to be mine.
But now you found someone else,
Who makes you happier,
May be she has a perfect smile,
May be she understands you,
Better than me If I did,
I would have understood the reason
Behind you suddenly being so busy all this while
I am flying in an imaginary sky
It is good that I fell.
Whatever love, I wish you well…

I notice my phone doesn’t ring anymore,
Though I’ve not lost the charm
To read your messages again and again.
Why it always happen?
People you love the most.
Cause you so much hurt and pain.
Someone you’ve hurt me deep,
Now I’ve disbelief in my beliefs.
I closed my windows,
Sitting where I would dream.
Gave up all the hopes,
That made me go so far.
Now have no color on my face,
I am tired of this Tom and Jerry race.
It was heaven when we were together.
Now I am going through hell,
Whatever love, I wish you well
Always wish you well…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag