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To Be In Love

Although I have gone beyond right or wrong
I have gone to what is pure and real.
With every breath I breathe, it tightens
At the beauty of knowing what it feels like…
To be in love.
And, although the pain of being away from you
Is so overwhelmingly hard to bear
I have felt love,
I have held you,
I have touched you
With a touch that can only be felt
Or given with entire intensity
As the touch I’ve given to you, and the touch
You shared with me.
A thousand feelings engross me.
Feelings that are indescribable, yet, so fiercely strong,
And ruling to my very essence.
Should I have?
I can ask myself that a million times.
Should I have met you?
I thought that meeting you would free my
Desire for you
But it has only amplified the deepest love
That comes from within me, for you.
And yet, with all this love I feel inside
There is also a hidden sadness,
A sadness that promises no one tomorrow,
That leaves your heart open
With amazing clarity of want
But closed to know if it will ever be
Reunited again.
So with this I must tell you
That I have loved you
As I have never loved another.
I have shared not just my body
But who it is I am.
And no matter where our lives take us
You and I have been to a place that…
Is ours forever.
To be in love…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag