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All That I Ever Wished For…

All that I have ever wished for
Is for someone to complete me.
Someone who is kind and friendly,
Yet has a different outlook on life.
Someone to lean on
And hold hands with,
Someone who’ll lie down with me,
And snuggle close when its cold.
I want to share my ideas with him,
And hear him laugh.
I wish I could look into his eyes
So that I might lose myself.
I’d love to sneak a kiss from his lips,
And slow dance the night away.
His touch would bring sunshine
To my otherwise cloudy day.
I will run my hands through his hair
And caress his back with a message.
If I look down at his hand in mine,
My heart will explode, my brain halt.
My only stipulation would be
That he loves me as much as I him.
But this is too much to ask for,
A relationship to close.
I would share everything with him,
He would know me through,
Unfortunately, in all my travels,
I cannot find anyone
Who wants this too.
So I shall remain alone,
Until the day I am released.
That day he will come up to me,
And say those magic words,
My heart will melt,
My eyes will water,
All because he said “I love you.”

© 2012 Pimmi Nag