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Waiting for Spring…

Why did lights suddenly turned out?
The darkness spread and the sun goes down.
The wind of sorrow blew all my hopes and desires away…
I hear the whisper, the voice of sadness,
Those words of love maybe were words to impress.
I lost my inner trust…
As the flowers lose their petals,
As the trees lose their leaves,
The dark clouds now wrapped the blue sky,
As the sun loses its light.
The wind is so cold and freezes me,
As my eyes lost their moisture.
My eyes are now stoned,
My tears dried out.
Waiting for Spring,
White clouds, blue skies ,
And the birds to sing.
The same laugh, same whispers,
Of joy and happiness.
Same warm kisses and a warm caress…
The birds will fly home soon,
Making my dreams in my heart bloom…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag