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Fragments Of Unfinished Desires

Fragments Of Unfinished Desires…

My mind moves like planet no more,
It cracks, fizzes and bustles.
From end to end it is so quiet,
The land has over shadowed rustles.
The skies hide all the stars in its chest,
The way I hide you in my heart,
To keep you warm, the place so best.
I still feel your arms around me,
Your existence, your presence close to me.
Is it for real or I am just dreaming?
My blood is frozen to feel our breathing.
The river flowing now is frozen,
It is all ice and it is so cold.
My eyes are getting weaker and weaker,
In hope to warm my hands and to hold.
I feel a curse all around me,
Just wondering still I exist…Why me?
What am I waiting for?
Is there going to be any motion?
To make this curse disappear ,
Will the sky shed some magic potion?
Making the river flow again
Making my blood, flow oozing all the pain…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag