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Because Of A Fight

Because Of A Fight?

I am feeling so low,
My body is so cold.
My lips are so blue,
It is not the right hue,
Why did I do this because of you?
There is no soft pillow under my head,
I just forgot I am not in my bed.
I can feel the earth below me so cold,
I don’t see your arms for me to hold.
Now my body is at peace , is at rest,
But my soul is floating out of my chest.
I find my love sitting down praying for me,
My hands extended to hold him close to me.
Why I am sucked away from him?
I can see his heart pounding,
And crying Why? Oh Why?
I asked myself why did I?
In my heart the pain so deep,
My life is over because of me?
What did I do ? What did I do?
I looked back for the last time,
They zip me up in the body bag.
But I did that to ease my pain,
Did I lost all instead of any gain?
I look down my dwelling,
Heard all people telling…
What an unfortunate woman,
Having family, now there is non?
My life stopped ticking,
Because of a fight?
I felt a touch of his warm hands,
Wiping my tears I shed.
Asking for forgiveness.
Thanking me for all the love I had,
Being patient when he was bad.
For all the time we shared,
I mean the whole world to him,
I woke up from my dream,
To know that someone cared for me…
No, he cried I can’t let you go, I can’t let you go…


© 2012 Pimmi Nag