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Garden Of Love…

I think of the day when my heart,
Bloom in my garden of love.
My garden so fair, my love so pure,
I saw an angel standing there.
Never I had a slightest thought that day,
That it will change my life in so many ways.
The angel walked to me to hold my hand,
Made me walk to a very different land.
The grass so green, the forest of Arden,
The birds chirping, and singing in the garden.
The flowers so fresh and bright,
The humming bees produced the music so right.
God blessed me with tiny toes,
Didn’t know if hugged him will make lots of foes.
Prayed to God to salvage my love,
Suddenly He showed me two doves flying above.
The Love He gave me was far beyond,
To love little angel with a new bond.
Vast was the sky and so was my love,
Now I can fly free in the sky above…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag