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Flying In Search Of Life

Flying In Search Of Life…

I am flying in search of my life,
Whether in my home with family
Or in this virtual world…
My eyes have gone very week,
To see the thin line in between,
The field of reality and something else?
Now it is painful to think,
That I have reached the heights
Of no return…
I am stuck in the field,
Of insanity and reality.
Now I have no fear of death,
I feel the comfort of the moonlight…
At this height I feel so calm,
And my mind so serene.
I express my love to one,
Who at a distance cannot hear me.
He might have his desires beyond belief.
People down fear death,
They look for life so perfect.
They want to take their life,
To different heights…
They want to see that fine line,
Between their dissatisfaction in life,
And their desires which still are not fulfilled…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag